About My Approach

Most chronic illnesses can be reversed when the entire body is considered as a whole (“holistic”), rather than taken apart in pieces.  This works because the body was designed, as a whole, to maintain and heal itself.  Unfortunately, our current environment and lifestyles have caused so much damage to our bodies that our inherent healing abilities no longer function as they should. The result is chronic, poor health.

Very simply, if we get the right nutrients into, absorbed and used by our bodies, and get the toxins out, we begin the process of healing.  A simple concept, but a challenge to achieve.

Each person is unique.  Each person’s needs and responses are different.  I evaluate one client at a time; there is no one diet or protocol that will work for everyone.

I work to determine what works for you:

  • What foods are best for you, what foods you feel comfortable with
  • What supplements you need to support your efforts
  • Lifestyle changes that need to be addressed
  • Your method: Do you want to take baby-steps, or jump in fully?

Once a plan is put in place, I support you through the process.

  • I provide you with all the resources you will need – reading materials, instructions, food sources, etc.
  • I am available throughout our consultation period for questions and concerns
  • I re-evaluate your progress to determine what changes are needed

Here are a few factors that influence my approach:


  • Processed food lacks nutrients – and offers lots of toxins as well.
  • Even organic, whole foods are often lacking nutrients as the soils they grow in may be depleted of nutrients.
  • Many foods require proper preparation (unknown by many) to release and maximize nutrients.
  • Our digestive systems have become so damaged by processed foods, lifestyle and environmental factors, that we do not absorb nutrients well.


  • Our body has the ability to rid itself of toxins, but the toxic load from our food and environment has become overwhelming.
  • There are toxins now that our bodies were never meant to be exposed to.
  • The pathways to move toxins out of our bodies are dependent on specific nutrients, which we may be missing.


About My Practice

I am not a personal trainer, yoga instructor, life coach, acupuncturist, herbalist or any other type of alternative practitioner.  Although all these people have great skills and much to offer, my focus is entirely on nutrition and the lifestyle changes that impact the body’s ability to get the most from nutrition.

I am not a Registered Dietitian (RD), and therefore do not accept insurance at this time.

Differences between holistic nutritionist and RD (from the National Association of Nutritional Professionals):

  • Whole, organic, chemical-free food is the primary emphasis of holistic nutrition professionals
  • The USDA MyPlate dietary guidelines are the focus of registered dietitians, while holistic nutrition experts focus on a variety of dietary frameworks, depending on the client’s needs and the professional’s expertise
  • Individualized programs are emphasized by holistic nutrition professionals. RDs are more inclined to follow association guidelines (e.g. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, diabetes, heart, cancer, lung, and kidney)
  • RDs are trained in a standard, formulaic medical nutritional approach; holistic nutrition professionals are taught flexible, healthy eating guidelines that may be customized according to client needs, health issues, ethnicity, food sensitivities, moral and ethical preferences, and various other factors.


About Me

Owner Sharon AhernI obtained my undergraduate degree in Biology and Medical Technology from Northeastern University in Boston in 1975.  After many years in the medical industry, I returned to school to study nutrition and received my certification as a holistic nutritionist from the Nutritional Therapy Association.

My interest in nutrition developed from my desire to treat a life-threatening liver disease that conventional medical treatments had failed to do.

While interning in a hospital laboratory as a student, I contracted Hepatitis C.  This is a very slow-moving disease.  Many people are not even aware they have the disease for many years.  I did well for 30 years; I married, had two children, pursued a successful career and had a full and active life.  However, before I was 50 years old, my liver began to fail; biopsies showed progressing fibrosis.

I began a course of chemotherapy, ending my career.  The treatment slowed the progress of the disease, but could not eradicate it.  I was left with additional problems from the chemotherapy: severe depression and restless leg syndrome.  A few years later, the virus was active again, and my liver showed increasing signs of damage.  Desperate for way to survive, I researched as many alternative therapies as I could find.  Fortunately, in 2007, I discovered Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, an M.D. located in New York who is well-known for his alternative treatments of cancer and other chronic conditions.  Dr. Gonzalez put me on an organic, whole foods diet specific to my body type, many supplements and an aggressive detoxification protocol.  For two years I experienced severe detoxification symptoms as my body was “torn down” to allow itself to rebuild.  Once it was strong enough, it began healing – fighting the virus that was destroying my liver, something no pharmaceutical drug could do.  A liver biopsy three years later showed the liver inflammation and fibrosis had begun to reverse.

During my years of recovery, I read every book on nutrition that I could find.  I became fascinated with the power of food, and was devastated to learn the damage that a poor diet can cause.  The more I learned the more I became convinced that it is the damage caused to our bodies by poor food and environmental toxins that allows us to become sick.  The only way to overcome any chronic illness is to let our bodies do the work; pharmaceuticals simply mask the symptoms, they do not address the cause.  The key is making your body well enough, and strong enough to do its job.

Now in my 60’s, I enjoy and active life with my husband, John.  I ski in the winter and bike and hike in the summer.  I visit with my girls and three grandchildren as much as possible, often skiing and biking with them, and enjoy the company of a large family and many friends.  I couldn’t ask for more!

I am an active member of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and a Certified GAPS™ Practitioner.