My Approach

About My Approach

Most chronic illnesses can be reversed when the entire body is considered as a whole (“holistic”), rather than taken apart in pieces.  This works because the body was designed, as a whole, to maintain and heal itself.  Unfortunately, our current environment and lifestyles have caused so much damage to our bodies that our inherent healing abilities no longer function as they should. The result is chronic, poor health.

Very simply, if we get the right nutrients into, absorbed and used by our bodies, and get the toxins out, we begin the process of healing.  A simple concept, but a challenge to achieve.

Each person is unique.  Each person’s needs and responses are different.  I evaluate one client at a time; there is no one diet or protocol that will work for everyone.

I work to determine what works for you:

  • What foods are best for you, what foods you feel comfortable with
  • What supplements you need to support your efforts
  • Lifestyle changes that need to be addressed
  • Your method: Do you want to take baby-steps, or jump in fully?

Once a plan is put in place, I support you through the process.

  • I provide you with all the resources you will need – reading materials, instructions, food sources, etc.
  • I am available throughout our consultation period for questions and concerns
  • I re-evaluate your progress to determine what changes are needed

Here are a few factors that influence my approach:


  • Processed food lacks nutrients – and offers lots of toxins as well.
  • Even organic, whole foods are often lacking nutrients as the soils they grow in may be depleted of nutrients.
  • Many foods require proper preparation (unknown by many) to release and maximize nutrients.
  • Our digestive systems have become so damaged by processed foods, lifestyle and environmental factors, that we do not absorb nutrients well.


  • Our body has the ability to rid itself of toxins, but the toxic load from our food and environment has become overwhelming.
  • There are toxins now that our bodies were never meant to be exposed to.
  • The pathways to move toxins out of our bodies are dependent on specific nutrients, which we may be missing.