My Practice

About My Practice

I am not a personal trainer, yoga instructor, life coach, acupuncturist, herbalist or any other type of alternative practitioner.  Although all these people have great skills and much to offer, my focus is entirely on nutrition and the lifestyle changes that impact the body’s ability to get the most from nutrition, supplementation and detoxification.

I am not a Registered Dietician (RD), and therefore do not accept insurance at this time.

Differences between holistic nutritionist and RD (from the National Association of Nutritional Professionals):

  • Whole, organic, chemical-free food is the primary emphasis of holistic nutrition professionals
  • The USDA MyPlate dietary guidelines are the focus of registered dieticians, while holistic nutrition experts focus on a variety of dietary frameworks, depending on the client’s needs and the professional’s expertise
  • Individualized programs are emphasized by holistic nutrition professionals. RDs are more inclined to follow association guidelines (e.g. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, diabetes, heart, cancer, lung, and kidney)
  • RDs are trained in a standard, formulaic medical nutritional approach; holistic nutrition professionals are taught flexible, healthy eating guidelines that may be customized according to client needs, health issues, ethnicity, food sensitivities, moral and ethical preferences, and various other factors.