What to Expect

Step 1 – Commitment

The first step is your commitment. If you are serious about overcoming a chronic health issue or improving your health, it will take time, effort, and a willingness to make changes. For this reason, I see clients over a period of months, not just one visit.


Step 2 – Information

Once you have committed, I begin by gathering information before your first visit:

  • The Intake Questionnaire which is available for you here to print out, complete and return to me.
  • A Food Journal, where you will record everything you eat for three days.
  • Symptom Questionnaire (by Nutri-Q) which will be sent to you via e-mail and you will complete on-line.


Step 3 – Initial Appointment

Your first appointment will be two hours. During this time we will review your questionnaires and Food Journal. I will then perform a Functional Evaluation to determine any deficiencies you may have. During this evaluation, you will lie on massage table and I will palpate various areas of your body, looking for any areas that are tender.

During the Functional Evaluation, I will be able to test different supplements that will be helpful to you simply by placing them on your tongue and looking for a change in tenderness. I use high-quality, professional supplements, only recommending those that will work for you.

After addressing any questions you may have, we will agree upon a plan to move forward at a rate that is comfortable for you. I will then send you the recommendations for your diet with a list of recommended supplements. You order the supplements directly from the company and have them shipped to your home.


Step 4 – Begin Your Plan

Now you are putting your plan into place. There will be new foods to find and prepare. Perhaps other lifestyle recommendations that will work with your nutritious foods to begin improving your health. You may have some reading to do as well. As you proceed, you may have questions, or become confused about something new. I am available during this time to answer your questions or give guidance through emails.


Step 5 – Follow-up

We will assess your progress approximately every two weeks:

At 2 weeks – scheduled phone call

At 4 weeks – one-hour appointment

At 6 weeks – scheduled phone call

At 8 weeks – one-hour appointment

At 12 weeks – final one-hour appointment

During these follow-ups we will modify your plan if needed, addressing the foods you are eating, and adjusting supplements if appropriate, expanding your knowledge, and exploring additional problems. We will re-visit the Functional Evaluation, checking the status of previously-identified deficiencies.


Step 6 – Your Choice

At this point, you decide if you are ready to proceed on your own or if you would like continued support. Some additional options are:

Metabolic Typing to fine-tune your diet even further based on your own metabolism; determine your ideal protein/carbohydrate ratio.

Detoxification is sometimes needed to overcome health issues. Your new diet will go far to detoxify your body, but you may benefit from some additional protocols.

Advanced food preparation teaches you how to incorporate “super-foods” into your diet, such as bone broths, fermented foods, organ meats. It’s a big, delicious world out there!